Seeing Through God’s Eyes

I hold beautiful moments sacred and won’t often share them publicly. But, I felt this one was such a feel good that I would share that feel good with friends. This story is from Tristen, in his own words. To set it up, we go back to LDS General Conference last weekend. Tristen’s conference “take away” was a story shared in the priesthood session as an example of how we should see each other through Gods eyes and he decided that was something he was going to work on. A letter written to our missionaries From T:
“At Hwy 55, I saw a man that was severely handicapped, in a wheel chair and couldn’t feed himself. His parents were really nice and feeding him. He was drooling everywhere and my first thought was, “How can we help him?”. Then I thought,  “Why wasn’t his dad wiping the drool off of him?”. I tried to be polite and not stare. After we finished eating mom and I walked up to them and mom asked the mother if it was her son and she said yes. Mom said, “You have a beautiful son and you are wonderful parents.” She said “thank you”. Oh and the mother said that her handicapped son was blushing. He sure was! And smiling too. We laughed together and said “We didn’t mean to make you blush. We just wanted you to know that you are special.” The mother asked what my name was and I said Tristen. She introduced me to her son Justin. I said “It is nice to meet you Justin. I hope you get better.” The mother and the dad thanked us and we wished them a good evening. In the car, I told mom I really wished that he would get better. She told me he wouldn’t be able to here on earth. Mom told me a spiritual principle that if you are born with a physical or mental handicap so you can’t make your own choices, you are guaranteed a place in the celestial kingdom with God. We started to cry because we felt the spirit and because I knew I had seen him through God’s eyes. I have a testimony that this is true. I would like to hear your stories too.
PS. We started to cry when we wrote about this too. The spirit is strong with this one. *star wars pun*
From Kylan: One thing that I´ve been learning on my mission is trying to view all those that I talk to the way that God sees them. As His sons and daughters. Whenever I think that someone looks kinda weird, I imagine them standing in white, smiling, and glowing with the spirit.
Love you TT! 300+
I think Tristen would like to hear your stories about a time when you were able see others through God’s eyes.
Love, Deveni
If your eyes are open