Frog Waffles

Growing up we would ask our mother the age old question “What’s for dinner?”. She would often tease us by saying “Snake lips” or “Gopher Guts”. We wouldn’t be surprised if “Buzzard Barf” or “Lizard Tails” would be on the menu for the evening. We loved asking her and delighted in the conversation. This is one of many mothers skills that I pass down to my own children. My five year old delights in this and comes up with some great menu items with his unlimited imagination. We call him T for short. It was during one of these conversations that “Frog Waffles” was created into being. My husband and I were bantering back and forth with T.  Each one of us trying to one up the other. Now, understand this, nothing get’s my T. He is always ready with a response and a quick come back and usually has us speechless and declaring him the winner; leaving us shaking our heads and mind boggled. On this occasion, however, as we were laughing my husband throws out “Frog Waffles, that’s what I want for dinner. Frog Waffles.” I watched as T mentally flinched away from the imagery. “Aw dad!” he says, “That’s just wrong.” He walked away from the conversation this time- mind boggled. It became a source of teasing for dad was thrilled to be the victorious word banter-er. All he had to do was say “Frog Waffles” and T wouldn’t even engage in word warfare. Until today. My husband came home for lunch and we sat around the table, T, dad and I. T gets a mischievous gleam in his eye as he says “You really should try dried up dragon poo, it’s really quite delicious.” Game on. 

“They are delicious” I jumped in, “I had them for breakfast.”  A pause.

“I think I am allergic to dragon poo.” Dad wavers. 

“He is. It’s the dragon berries that dragons eat. Dad’s quiet allergic to those, makes him get all puffy and swell up.” T didn’t even miss a beat.

“But dad, my dragons don’t eat dragon berries. They eat fire berries from the tickle bush and it makes the most delicious dried up dragon poo.” 

“Is that why your dragons have such great fire breathing skills?” I wonder, “And if so, does eating dried up dragon poo give us the ability to breathe fire?” T and I held this dialog for some minutes as we discussed the differences between dragon berries and fire berries as if we were dried up dragon poo connoisseurs. I could see dad’s head wagging back and forth trying to keep up until finally he shakes his head and says that he can’t keep up.

“I think I have to go back to work now.” I look at T and declare: “I think we just got dad back for Frog Waffles.”

T: “Oh yeah-ha!” High five! 

PS. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging. Dried Up Dragon Poo does NOT, in fact, give us fire breathing abilities. It just tickles going down. 



Six White Shirts

I waved happily as I watched my husband lead five worthy priesthood holders out the door for the General Priesthood session of Conference. Getting six white shirts out the door on time is no easy feat, but I have had practice. Between conference sessions today, I read media about women advocating to hold the priesthood and talk of women marching to the conference center during the priesthood session. It left me feeling sad that the women who support this don’t see the big, beautiful picture of the Lords plan and place for women. I have a divine role to play in my marriage with a worthy priesthood holder and our partnership with God. I created life! Out of my womb, God breathed life into six beautiful sons who chose me to call “Mother”. They are mine to nourish and to sustain life, to love and cherish, to teach and to counsel, to protect and shield; and then to make strong and immovable so they can stand in this world but not of this world. I have been humbled time and again as God has shown his trust in me, his patience as I learn and then teach His children.

I have watched them, as Nephi, grow in stature and favor with God. I have watched them become worthy to receive the blessings of the priesthood. My oldest just received the Melchizedek priesthood and ordained an Elder. My twins are Priests in the Aaronic priesthood. They were able to bless and prepare the sacrament for us last sunday. What a sacred experience that was. My fourteen year old will be ordained a Teacher next sunday and my twelve year old just received the Aaronic priesthood and ordained a Deacon. It has been a full month of priesthood blessings and my heart overflows. There is no joy comparable to seeing my white shirts fill up an entire big pew at church. Nor any greater honor than to have five righteous priesthood holders honoring their mother.

Do I feel left out and excluded from tonights priesthood meeting? Absolutely not! I had my turn last Saturday at the Relief Society meeting. Besides,  I was thinking how glad I am for the rest and peace this evening will give me knowing my priesthood holders are in good hands being taught and inspired by prophets of God. I get to stay at home, relax, bake some chocolate cookies …and then a little voice, that of my youngest son, just five years old. “Mom, what does the priesthood do? What are the boys doing at the meeting they are going to?” I felt the spirit of the Lord so strong, I had tears instantly well up in my eyes.

“Mother, teach me.”  Is there a greater calling?

I felt the power of Elder Christofferson talk today about the influence of good women. I felt the love of my Heavenly Father so strong it brought me to my knees in gratitude that I have so much priesthood in my life and how it blesses me continually. I can bear testimony to Sister Stephens talk that we need each other, both sons and daughters, fulfilling their individual roles to create a strong family unit.

“Come, my little one,” I said, “Lets talk about the priesthood and the power you will have one day to act in God’s name.”

And the words “I will not be weary… for I know I am laying the foundation of God” settled firmly into my  mind.

Sisters, lets pray tonight for those women who have yet to see this big beautiful plan God has for us. Let’s pray for our men that they may be lifted up to fulfill their priesthood in the challenges of today’s world. Let’s pray for strength that we can continue to be the “source of moral power” which power comes from God.

And when our priesthood holders come home tonight, honor them and they will thank you for the divine role you play in their life.

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Now, how about those chocolate chip cookies?

(PS. Licking the Cookie dough off of the spoon T said “This is delightful goodness that an angel put on the spoon!)